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Based on the experience of many users on the Internet, Coinomize is one of the leading Bitcoin tumblers that has ever appeared. This scrambler supports not only Bitcoins, but also other above-mentioned cryptocurrencies. Exactly this platform allows a user to exchange the coins, in other words to send one type of coins and get them back in another type of coins. This process even increases user’s anonymity. Time-delay feature helps to make a transaction untraceable, as it can be set up to 24 hours. There is a transaction fee of 0.0005 for each extra address. only supports Bitcoin transactions and requires customers to deposit a minimum of 0.001 BTC. Transaction fees range from 0.5 to 3% depending on the amount that is being transferred. This Bitcoin mixer supports multiple addresses and custom options (max of 10). Nonetheless, confirmation is required. does not have a referral program in place.


One of the most currency-rich mixers in the industry, letting us Mix not just Bitcoin but Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum (coming soon) is what Mycryptomixer is. Also flaunts probably the most colourful and easy to use Interfaces I’ve ever seen. Provides 100% Control to users regarding every aspect of the mix. As in, users control the exact amount of fee (to the 4th decimal point!), the exact time-delay (by the minute and not just hours) and also the Percentage distribution. It’s transparent and even has a “fee calculator” which displays the exact amount of funds a user would receive on each additional address, as well as the total service and the address-fee. Maximum 8 total output addresses allowed. The minimum service fee a user can pay is 1%, with the maximum being 5%. The additional address fee is 0.00045529 BTC, 0.01072904 LTC, and 0.00273174 BCH for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash respectively. Has three fund-pools, and they all have funds from different sources in them which have different levels of anonymity. Does have a “No Logs Policy”. No registration required.

Bitcoin Mixer

It is a simple service with a high level of anonymity. The Bitcoin Mixer mixing process is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. You need to select one of the three supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), enter the withdrawal address, set the transaction delay for any time up to 72 hours, send the coins to the specified address and wait for their delivery to the destination. This site is unlike the other three mixing pools. You can mix user’s coins: with incoming coins of other customers, private reserves of the service and investor coins. The service does not require registration. The mixing commission is not large and is taken from the mining commission, which is very convenient. The referral program at SmartMixer is one of the most profitable, during the first mixing operation you receive a smart code that is required to receive a discount on the commission, this discount can reach – 70%. After each transaction, the user receives a letter of guarantee. All data about it is deleted after a day, while maintaining the complete anonymity of the client.

Blender bitcoin

If you’re looking for a mixer which neither keeps any logs, nor asks you to register; Blender bitcoin is an option you can peek at. It does offer registrations in case you’d want to keep things professional, organized and are a frequent mixer. It’s one of the very few mixers which offer “multiple deposit addresses” (upto 5); so you can break the deposit into multiple parts which add upto your total amount. Even offers 2-FA (via PGP) for account security. It also acts as a BTC àXMR à BTC convertor which further adds anonymity. The fee is randomized between a minimum 1% and a maximum 4%. Minimum Withdrawal and deposit limits are acceptable, currently 0.00045 BTC and 0.0018 BTC respectively. Upto 10 additional addresses supported for each output. Time-delays aren’t completely user-controlled, yet users get to specify the maximum delay they want for the total output. All outputs are processed before this timer is reached. Instant withdrawal too available.


This particular ChipMixer supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency and does not bear any logs policy. It requires a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC and the transaction fee is 1–3%. It supports multiple addresses of up to 10 and requires confirmation. No registration is required and it does offer a referral program. is another one that requires consideration. It supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency bearing no logs policy. It requires a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC and the transaction fee is 4–5%. It supports multiple addresses of 2 or custom options and requires confirmation. No registration is required and it does not offer a referral program. Letter of guarantee is offered.


BitMix currently only supports Bitcoin mixes, however, it has plans to bring in ETH mixes in the near future. It has been featured on News BTC/ Crypto News/ The Next Web etc. hence building a bit of trust. Very modern, advanced, user-controlled interface. Allows upto 5 output addresses. Obviously, doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. The user-control is impressive. You get to control the fund-distribution, as well as the time-delay for each output address manually. Even the fee can be set manually. The cheapest allowed fee is 0.5% which is more than acceptable. The highest is set at 5%. Obviously the 0.25mBTC blockchain transaction fee is attached on top of the selected fee. It even has a “strength meter” which shows how strong your mix is, based on all the factors you’ve selected. No registration required whatsoever. And it does provide the mixing code to ensure all outputs are fresh and not linked to any of your previous deposits.


SmartMixer offers a unique service with a high degree of confidentiality, which will ensure the anonymity of your payments, by using the mixing of multiple Bitcoin addresses. Our system works quickly, reliably and with a small commission – only after the transfer and receipt of funds to the final address. Of course, all of the data about your transaction will be irretrievably deleted.


Mixing Bitcoins is made simpler with MixTum. A mixer available both on the Clearnet and the Tor network. Offers complete control over the time-delays and fund-distribution. Charges a static fee of 0.3%. Maximum number of output addresses allowed is 10. Each address is charged an additional 0.0001BTC. Largest possible mix is 100 BTC, while smallest accepted deposit is 0.002 BTC. No registration required. Has a No Logs Policy, retains logs for 7-days by default. Although users can delete logs anytime before the 7-day period manually. Does provide Certificate of Origin. Also has an “Instant Dispatch” feature of delivering coins without any delay.


Bestmixer is a Bitcoin cleaner, tumbler, shifter, mixer and a lot more. It has a completely different working principal than most other mixers on this list. So, it has two different reserves of coins, one for Bitcoin and the other for Monero. It cleans coins by converting them to the other Cryptocurrency. So, you can either clean your Bitcoins and receive Monero in return, or vice-versa. The interface is pretty straight-forward. You simply choose your input and output coins, and enter your output address. For now, only 1 output address is supported which we believe simplifies things. The fee is fixed which further makes it easier to use. You either pay 0.0002 BTC when converting BTC to XMR, or 0.03442 XMR when converting XMR to BTC. It also provides a secret key which can be used to check transaction status, or get in touch with support. The process doesn’t take long either, Bestmixer only demands 1 confirmation before processing the mixes. Bitcoin amounts as low as 0003BTC and XMR as low as 0.05 can be mixed. It doesn’t require any registrations so obviously there’s no KYC. The company seems to hate the govt. and has a strict no-log policy as well.

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry makes the process of clearing bitcoins very easy and convenient for the client. This resource requires one confirmation of the transaction, after which new clean coins are sent to the specified wallet. Users can also control latency for processing their transactions. This is an offshore service, and its sites are also located offshore. This provides users with additional peace of mind and confidence that their data is strictly confidential. In addition, once the transaction is confirmed, users are sent a unique “delete logs” link, giving users the ability to manually delete their traces of transactions. Bitcoin Laundry charges a modest 0.5% commission. This makes BTC Blender ideal for users clearing large amounts of bitcoin.


CoinMixer is a Bitcoin mixer that processes Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions. The site offers a referral program for new users and supports multiple recipient addresses. Transaction fees start at 0.5% plus an extra 0.0001 BTC for each extra address added.

Zekleri toodetud ja disainitud töö- ja isikukaitsevahendid kaitsevad kasutajaid töö ajal. Selleks, et motiveerida teid veelgi enam kaitsevahendeid kasutama, panustab Zekler stiilipuhastesse ja disainitud toodetesse, millega saate rahul olla. Zekler ei garanteeri ei perfektset kuulmist, tervist ega ka vigastusteta elu. Samuti mitte fotomodelli välimust. Seevastu soovivad nad teha teile lihtsamaks end töökohal õigesti kaitsta. Õigesti kaitsete end siis, kui kasutate kaitsevahendeid kogu tööpäeva jooksul ning seepärast peavad need eelkõige olema mugavad ja teile hästi sobima.

Zekleri tooted leiad LUNA GROUP äriklienditeenindustest Tallinnas, Tartus ja Viljandis. Teenindame lepingulisi ärikliente üle Eesti.


ZEKLER kõrvaklapid 412S

Striimimisfunktsiooniga kõrvaklapid, mille helikvaliteet on nagu tavalistel kõrvaklappidel, kuid kaitse osas pole järeleandmisi tehtud. Sisseehitatud mikrofon on mõeldud kasutamiseks olukordades, kus saab müraallika välja lülitada või mürarikkast keskkonnast eemalduda.

  • Bluetooth®-i levi 10 m
  • Lihtne juhtimine järgmiste nuppude abil: Play (esita), pause (peata), next (järgmine), previous (eelmine), answer/reject incoming call (vasta sissetulevale kõnele / keeldu sissetulevast kõnest), end call (lõpeta kõne), volume up/down (suurenda/vähenda helitugevust)
  • EPS (Electronic Protection System) piirab heli kõlarites turvalise tasemeni
  • Sisseehitatud liitiumioonaku tagab kuni 38-tunnise tööaja
  • Reguleeritav peasang ja pehme, vahetatav peapadi
  • Komplekti kuulub USB-laadimiskaabel
  • Seade vastab IKV direktiivile 89/686/EMÜ, IKV määrusele 2016/425, standarditele EN 352-1 ja EN 352-8 ning raadioseadmete direktiivile 2014/53/EL

ZEKLER 1500 hingamiskaitsete seeria poolmaskid

Zekleri uusim 1500 hingamiskaitsete seeria poolmaskid pakuvad erakordset kaitset, mugavust ja täiusliku istuvust. Väga efektiivne filtrimaterjal võimaldab kasutajatel lihtsamalt hingata ja muudab töötamise ohtlikes keskkondades turvalisemaks.

ZEKLER kaitseprillid 36

Trendika ja stiilipuhta disainiga Zekleri kõige kergemad kaitseprillid. Kaal 16 g.

  • Polükarbonaadist läätsed ja ninatugi
  • Õhukesed sangad ja tihedalt vastu nägu hoidev kuju suurendavad mugavust ja kaitset, kui kaitseprille kantakse koos kõrvaklappidega
  • Hall = UV400
  • HC/AF = kriimustus- ja udukindel lääts

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